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FMP17A plugin hang

Question asked by Jean-Francois on May 28, 2018
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I came across a weird situation, I use 3 plugins, 2 old ones (Dialog and MooPlug) and ScriptMaster. The first 2 haven't been updated for a lingtime, but they are working great on FMP16.


The demo of FMP17 worked normaly with the demo files.


I open my app and it installed my plugins into the fmp17a proper extension folder and everything work fine. Close FMP17.


Launch FMP17... Nothing happen !?!! App is hang, open the task manage and kill the app.


I will do it couple of time and eventually it work, sometime not...


When there's no plugin, that behaviour is not a problem...


so how can I point to the problem, why random issues? Any crash log I should look?


I know it will be easy to point out that the plugin is the problem (well it look like this) but why not all the time !?