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cURL & Form Data

Question asked by mprythero on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by jfencil

I am charting myself into completely new territory and have gotten myself lost. I am trying to submit field data in a form way so I can also upload a signature image through binary to the server.


But for the life of me, and trying to find various examples around here, I am stuck and there is no end in sight.


For my insert to url, I have the following options defined through a variable:


"-X POST " &

"-D $header " &

"-F \"originTerminal=1 fg\"" &

"-F carrierOrigin=1"


The above suggestion was found here: Problem with adding parameter to POST request


But, if I go into my logs, only the value of originTerminal shows up and it is as 1 fg


I can obviously remove it, but I was unsure if there was a purpose to it. But carrierOrigin doesn't appear at all in the value list.


Can anyone help?


Thanks - Matt