Repeated fields lookup

Discussion created by Jon1 on May 28, 2018
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I am working on a data collection application that provides a variety of reports.


I work for a printing company where my tables are “job” – which has basic job information, “press run” where we collect information such as press counter start and stops and time start and stops and “paper” – which contains information about the various rolls of paper used with each press run including paper roll number, weight, original diameter, ending diameter etc. 


When I started this application, I did not know enough about FileMaker, so I used repeating fields instead of related records. We can have as many as 44 rolls of paper per job, so I have 44 repeating fields for roll number, start weight, end weight, diameter etc. The application is currently in use and works perfectly for the initial project goal. I do plan on recreating the application built with related records but until I can finish that I need a quick workaround to extend the functionality of the existing application.


The immediate goal is to reduce the amount of data entry for each roll of paper. What I am trying to do is when the paper rolls are received at the dock, the data is input at that time (essentially creating an inventory list). When the job is running, the press crew will input the roll number and the diameter, weight etc will populate via a lookup of the “inventory list”. I currently have this working, but it only works for the first roll of paper. The 2 – 44 repeating fields do not pull in the data.


What I am looking for is a quick solution (until I rebuild the application) that when the user inputs each roll number the other fields will populate. I tried changing the roll number to a non-repeating field and using the Extend() to retrieve the data but either I didn’t set it up properly or some other error. I don't know if I need to create 44 roll number fields or not.


I am attaching a screen shot of the user interface which might explain why I used a repeating field as well as illustrate the application needs.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.