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fmp16 using external container storage with backups

Question asked by jcpython on May 29, 2018
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Hey everyone, im really lost in the weeds here, I cannot seem to find any clear documentation anywhere online to my problem. here it is, I have a database that uses 6 container fields for images (external secure storage), I use external because if i use internal eventually the files on my users ends will get too big and size and i find it really slows down the performance.


Now i have a backup script that is a modified version of the one here

In my script users can choose to backup their copy of the database to hard drive, dropbox, google drive etc...and it saves a copy as (self contained) to the desired user chosen Location PATH/$dayname/$timestamp/. issue is when you open the file all the image containers show 'Missing' and the filename. i know its because the saved file is not in the same location as the external storage container data folder called "External", i tried using mooplug Moo_FolderCopy ( sSource; sDestination ); to make a copy of the folder in the same location but no luck with that.


I cannot understand the point of creating self contained backups without having a backup of the external storage files folder because you can have 50 backup files of your database but once you delete a records image in your current file it is also removed from the external storage folder, so restoring a backup will leave you with that container field show a broken link.


my database is deployed as runtime, and my users need a way to save a backup file and a copy of the external container data in the same location so when a user needs restore from a backup it will restore all the proper container data.


Im shocked to find that seems like no one else has this problem but i see a lot of people also use internal storage and many are on filemaker server which may be different. I thought i would just see if anyone on here can tell me if they have any ideas on what they would do in my situation, im really starting to pull out my hair here.



So user creates a backup should result in:


C:\Users\JCPYTHON\Dropbox\Backup\Tuesday\2018.05.29 - 04.46.28\

1 file and 1 folder

file: backupfile.fmp12

folder: External



Thanks for taking the time to read this guys. Any help or guidance would be so appreciated.