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Correcting Screen View on IPad

Question asked by usafrider123 on May 29, 2018
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I currently have Filemaker Pro 16 Adavanced. I created an IOS solution that has a layout that shows forms with several pages that allows the user to scroll down and view all of the completed forms. This is what the layout looks like:FilemakerProPic1.png

The brown button in the lower right corners has a simple script step of "Go to Layout" that returns to the input layout. When it opens the input layout, it distorts the screen into a "zoomed" view that looks like this:


I have tried creating a script for the brown button

Go to Layout [name of layout]

Adjust Window [                 ]. I have used Resize to Fit, Minimize, Maximize, Restore and it still distorts the layout view on the Ipad. This is what the layout should look like:filemakerpropic.png

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Thank you.