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Sync & Performance ; Import multi Field vs Lookup Auto-enter

Question asked by badmonkey842 on May 29, 2018

Sorry for another generic question, but it is relevant to a project I am tasked with.  If you are not familiar with my previous questions, the background is that I am tasked with creating a supplemental DB that works with an existing one. However, due to politics I have limited privs (essentially guest privs) to the original tables and is directed to "sync"  original tables with my new tables.


The problem is what is the best way to handle atypically designed tables & increase performance related to a sync operation.  I was given an "official" script, by our in house DB programmers,  that is to be used for the sync. This script essentially  captures max Fieldvalue in my table -> searches in their table > $var --> copies into a temp tables


Questions (no order)

#1     Performance difference between export/import all fields  vs.  import key & use  TO w auto-entry lookup?


#2     The sync field isnt exactly a Key and there isnt a true key field,  some records IsEmpty.   Haha how am I suppose to handle those records? Multi-key may be my only option.  I am thinking of  using pseudo-key fields + created By + create Date?


#3     The "sync" is unidirectional,  what can I do with my limited privs on handling original record changes such as deletion and changes?  I am thinking of a combination calc field with multikey field (since the key field isnt really a key field)   after a "sync"  a record is flagged if it no longer exist in the original table and then removed from my tables.