Data on report layout calculation?

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I'm wondering about report layouts.


Here's the situation. We have a work order system which allows us to share much of the data based on things like model numbers, serial numbers and other data. A Propeller for example requires a set of information to be reported on a form (report layout). But a Governor or Wheel requires the same set of information. Of course the data (values) are different.


I have a report which can support this need but I've not been able  to figure out how to use the same form but for different data tables. Propellers, Governors and Wheels have different data tables with only the shared data related to each. For me to report on the forms I've found it necessary to duplicate the layout and change the fields being displayed. Rarely are there portals used since most of the information relates to individual fields such as Model Number, Customer Number (and from the customer table the related data).


I guess the question is this.


Is there a way to use one layout and put display different data depending on what is needed?


One layout with a Model and Serial number, but if it's a Propeller it's one piece of data (field) and if it's a Governor...


If not, then I'll just have to keep duplicating layouts. I was hoping to keep my total layout count under 256 but it looks like that may not be possible.


Thank you for your time.