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FMS17 + goDaddy wildcard ssl [internal domain]

Question asked by nalf on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by wimdecorte

Has anyone had any success getting a goDaddy wildcard ssl cert to work with FMS17?  I was provided with the certs from our IT group, so I have the signed file, the intermediate, and the .pem file they used to generate using the servers fqdn.


I did read the documentation at  which does not explicitly state the steps for a wildcard, but out IT group seems to think that the 3 cert files should work for us.(Which they don't, at least not that I have figured out.) Error is 'Certificate does not match private key' which seems logical to me.


From what I can tell, even though this is a wildcard internal domain cert, I will need to run 'fmsadmin certificate create <fqdn> --keyfilepass <secret>' to generate serverKey.pem, and serverRequest.pem, then get IT to upload the generated serverRequest.pem to goDaddy and generate the certs, then import the returned signed and intermediate combined with serverKey.pem as the private key, and supply the keyfilepass password . Unfortunately I can't login to goDaddy myself to see what the options are, but that's my guess thus far.


Thanks for any advice.