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Allow Creation of Records in this Table

Question asked by dbreitbach213 on May 30, 2018
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Can anyone tell me why the "greater than sign" does not allow you to turn on "Allow Creation of Records in this table via this relationship", but the "greater than or equal sign" does?


Two tables are involved (Personnel and TimeAttendance).  I used the following relationship to manually create a record in the related table.  Note that gTuesdayAM is set for 12:00AM on Tuesday and gTuesdayPM is set for 11:59:59 PM on Tuesday.  This requires two global fields for each day of the week.


Personnel::EmployeeNo            =         TimeAttendance::EmployeeNo

Personnel::gTuesdayAM           <=        TimeAttendance::TimeStamp

Personnel::gTuesdayPM          >=         TimeAttendance::TimeStamp


So I thought I could get by with just one global field for each day (as follows - where each global is set to midnight of that specific day).


Personnel::EmployeeNo            =         TimeAttendance::EmployeeNo

Personnel::gTuesday               <=        TimeAttendance::TimeStamp

Personnel::gWednesday          >          TimeAttendance::TimeStamp


However, when I use the "greater than" sign on that last relationship, the option to "Allow Creation of records....." is greyed out.  I am very curious as to why this is.