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Different Discount Rates and Currencies in Order File

Question asked by timraudies on May 30, 2018

Hi all,


I am new to the FM software, but I will try to frame my question as clear as possible.


Right now I am working on a very basic order solution, with the 3 main tables "Customers" "Orders" and "Products". I am trying to connect the tables in the common way, using a Joint Table between Orders and Products.


When finished the workflow would be like this:


1. Start in the Customer Table and press a button "New Order"

2. Go to the Orders Layout and create a new record (already connected to the customer and in status "waiting")

3. Create a customer specific order list (specific currency and discount rates for different product categories) with all products from the product table by pressing another button (output list view i.e.: as a PDF, which we can then send to the customer)

4. The customer fills out the order form and sends it back! We then change the status to "processing" and add all products through the Joint Table Portal.

5. After all products have been added, we want to print the Order-confirmation and save it in the system (status "confirmed")

The good thing is, the different prices for the 4 different currencies we use are fixed and I put them in a separate table which is related to the Products table (One Product can have many Prices). I saved the customers preferred currency in the Customers Table and created a Lookup in the Order Line Items Table. I also created a different field for every product category discount rate in this table (5 in total).




1. How do I show the different prices and discount rates in the order list for the customer?

2. How can I make sure the prices in every Layout stay the same for a specific selected customer, until I select another one?

3. Where to store the different variables (prices, preferred currency, all discount rates)?


Hope this makes it clear and someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance! Any further questions let me know.