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Windows Runtime across two monitors

Question asked by paulsullie on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by paulsullie

Hi Community


Here is where we are. Last year we used FM16 to create a small interactive to run over two monitors. The top monitor was a HD TV, the lower a 23" touch screen. The layout was 1080*2 (1920*2160).

After a little fiddling of the Windows settings (Intel GPU) we got it working great. On start-up the app (shortcut placed in Start-up folder) opened across both monitors, users could select options via the touch screen to display content above. FileMaker was temporarily installed on the PC (we are a Mac house) to build the Runtime exe then removed.

After the Xmas break the issues started, first a failed Library error would prevent the launch. We rebuilt the Runtime but the App refuses to run across both screens.

I've tried using both screens as one giant screen, but that breaks the Touch calibration as Windows 10 now thinks the whole screen is touch, not just the lower half.

If we hadn't got it working before I'd have given up by now, but I'm sure there is some little thing that I'm missing.

Any help or suggestions?