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Text is clipped / truncated in preview, print and export to PDF

Question asked by matthew.willey on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by swillette


I have a database of statements that clients can choose from.

I have a layout that contains many parts, but the important text is in the body.

Statements are sentences which display fine in brose mode, but in print, preview and export to pdf the text is truncated.

I have a big enough text field that is resized to fit contents. The body layout part also shrinks to fit the field.

For example, the text "He stops what he is doing and turns to look for his parent." prints and displays in preview/pdf as "He stops what he is doing and turns to"

This seems to happen inconsistently, with much longer text displaying just fine.

The simple act of switching from preview mode to browse and back again causes different sentences to be cut off.

Any ideas?

(FM Pro Advanced 11.0v2, windows)