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Learning about Windows servers for FileMaker Server

Question asked by philipHPG on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by bigtom

Where do you start in learning about Windows Servers for FileMaker Server?


I'm proposing to upgrade the hardware for our office FileMaker Server. We have been using a Mac mini (3 GHz dual-core i7 with 16GB of memory and a 2 TB hard drive) but we have pushed it to its max with between 40-45 FMPro users connected (mostly locally, 5 or so that are remote, connecting through a VPN). We are also beginning to roll out web applications and anticipate doing even more of that. I have reviewed our server statistics and, unsurprisingly with a dual-core processor, processor speed and number of cores is the primary issue (cache hit %age is high, i/o time is very low, but elapsed time, and occasionally, wait time, is high). Adding additional cores with faster speeds is a priority.


As a primarily Mac office, the Mac Pro or, more likely, the iMac Pro (as touted by taylorsharpe) are within our reach and realm of understanding as potential FileMaker Servers.


I'm also aware of the possibility of using a Windows server and I've read a number of posts (especially from wimdecorte and jormond) concerning the benefits and advantages of using a full Windows server. They are significant and I want to consider them seriously. (I am also aware of some disadvantages, perhaps most significantly in my case that I know very little about Windows servers.) I hardly know where to start in that - the number of options for Windows servers verge on overwhelming. I take a step out into the realm, but then rush back into the security of the world I know and mostly understand. So are there any pointers on where I should start learning about the Windows Server world (including Windows Server licensing) so that I can make an informed and reasonable recommendation? (If I recommend a $10k server with all the bells and whistles it will likely not get approved.)


Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.