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Server 17 Additional Secure Folder?

Question asked by eric on May 30, 2018
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I took the advice of this FileMaker Server 14 Configuration Guide to heart:

It is highly recommended to configure the disk array into three logical volumes.

One partition should contain the operating system and FileMaker Server.

The second partition should be used to store the databases that will be hosted by FileMaker Server.

The last partition should be used to store local backup files and performance logs.

It is important that there be a logical separation between the application (FileMaker Server), hosting volume (where FileMaker databases are hosted), and backup volume (where backups will be stored for the backups made during daily activities). This logical separation has three specific advantages.

  1. Reduced disk I/O to the actual volume where FileMaker databases are hosted.
  2. The ability to use Performance Monitor to track disk I/O to a specific volume for FileMaker database activity.
  3. The ability to defragment the specific volume for FileMaker databases and not incur the overhead and additional time to defragment other items.

4. I easily could tell server admins just to leave those second and third partitions completely alone from backups, virus scans, indexes, and whatever else could cause FileMaker Server grief.


Now there's this default "Secure Database Folder Path" in the C: drive, where I installed FileMaker Server as previously recommended: filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Secure/

I might want to take advantage of that new Secure folder's features, but I don't want the data files on the same drive as the OS and FileMaker Server.

Is there a way to use those separate data partition recommendations and have a Secure folder in 17?