Let() Function Help

Discussion created by Scorpion167 on May 30, 2018
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I'd like to get some input on creating a Let Function that will produce a calculated value.  I'm trying not to add addition fields to my table if I don't have to.


I'm making some changes to an existing solution where I need to select between two values, one is a constant and the other is a calculation.  I'd like to use a Let Function variable with conditions to select a value and use that value to set a Summary field for a Report.



InitialValue - Constant

TotalValue - Calculated: If (ThickV < 1; Width * (Length/144) * 1 * Layers; Width * (Length/144) * ThickV * Layers )



I need to use the following IF Function in the Let();

If (TotalValue <= InitialValue; TotalValue; InitialValue)