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Relationship Between Databases

Question asked by dbkali on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

I need help setting a relationship between three databases.

DB-1, DB-2 and DB-3


DB-1 has no records, the database is new and empty.


DB-1, has only 5 fields and 4 of the fields needs to pull info from DB-2 and DB-3.


DB-1 - field 1 needs to be the initial search field for lookup and then the info from DB-2 and DB-3 needs to be pulled to fill fields 2 through 5.


DB-2 - info from fields 19 and 46 needs to be pulled to fill fields 2 and 4 in DB-1


DB-3 - info from fields 7 and 8 needs to be pulled to fill fields 3 and 5 in DB-1.


I know it seems simple but I can't seem to get the relationships to work. Any info would be greatly appreciated.