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Question asked by pinit on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by pinit

Hello everyone,

probably this request has been made hundreds of times, but I've been trying to solve the problem for two weeks, also using helps in the forum, but until now nothing has been solved.


I know little about FileMaker and I find myself asking for help here because the person in the company who took care of our Database went to work in another agency.


Together we would have to create a form that would allow users to register their own data, in our database (PHP web form> FM database on FileMaker Server - Windows OS). I would take care of the part of Web Design (html, css, php) and him to allow the passage of the data collected by the form to our FileMaker database of human resources.


I wrote this post because I can’t find the way to activate a connection to my db Filemaker via PHP script, despite having followed all the procedures listed here:


This is what I have done so far:

  • enabled all the necessary permissions to access the database from FileMaker Pro by certain users;
  • checked that the FileMaker Database resides in the

          ... Filemaker \ Filemaker Server \ Data \ Databases      folder;

  • from Admin Console, activated all options for publishing online with PHP / CWP;
  • attempted to interact with PHP from the database from both directories indicated by the document fms16_cwp_guide.pdf as a web server (FileMaker Server 16 is installed on the Windows platform):

        - FileMaker \ Filemaker Server \ httpserver \ conf

        - Inetpub \ wwwroot \

  • pasted PHP API (FileMaker.php + Filemaker php Folder) in the directory where is the PHP script;
  • tried a connection to database with the following script:


               $fm = new Filemaker();

               $fm -> setProperty('database','dbname');

               $fm -> setProperty('hostspec','my_ip');

               $fm -> setProperty('username','user');

               $fm -> setProperty('password','password');

                    $connected = $fm->listLayouts();


                         echo "Unable to Connect to Database";

                         } else {echo "Connected";}

Every time, obviously is printed "Unable to Connect to Database";


Why can I never see the "connected" message?

The FM Database is fully functional/accessible with FileMaker pro, remotely.


Thank you very much, I hope someone can give me some suggestions to unlock the situation ☹