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Save records as pdf script set error

Question asked by Lizhe on May 31, 2018

Hi, I had a FM file which is used a few times per year. It started from Nov. 2015 and the last usage was May, 2017. There was no problem up to then.


However, today my colleague had a problem to run one of the scripts, which only generated half of the form in pdf file. I checked the script (see the screenshot) and found one of the Save records as pdf generated error 5 (Command is invalid). Interestingly, the statement #41 is the same as the #45 (which generates the error), but works fine.

I tested the #45 statement with the condition without Append; or current record only. Both modified statements failed with the same errors.  I'm sure it works without error on FM15, but don't know from which version or update it started the issue. One thing I can think of is something in the current layout (see left on screenshot) prevent the script step. But what layout item will prevent FM16 to generate pdf? Or maybe there is another issue here, please help.


I tested the script on MacOS 10.12 with FM 16.0.3 and on Win7 with FM 16.0.4. The file is hosted on FMS 15. Thanks.