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Hosting a document file on Amazon

Question asked by thehalpeen on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Draco

I have written a simple document management system for work to replace the 'folder' based system on Windows. A staff  member tested it and liked it. He downloaded a trial version of Filemaker 17. So currently Filemaker is on one PC. I want to have the option of having a few users -  say 3-5.



There will be several hundred documents associated with this file - so I'm thinking of using using 'external storage' to avoid having a bloated Filemaker File.


I'm uncertain as to how costing work with the new Filemaker module. I looked at the 'AWS Simple Monthly Calculator' and found it baffling. Between 'Instances', 'Volumes', 'Elastic IP's', Data Transfer, I was left very confused.


I have no idea how to advise my client on costs, Because it is a document management file, could  'data transfer' costs be high  - can you help?


The other option they are looking at is Evernote - a very popular note-taking app, which can me used to manage documents, but not as customisable as Filemaker.