Error 2 on email Script

Discussion created by silveria on May 31, 2018
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Good Day


This is me first post hope this is the correct place. Would like some assistance with the following problem I have.


I have a database hosted on FM Server 16 and a scheduled script that runs every 15min. The schedule script goes to a table, finds the records to email (Flagged with a 1 value in a field) saves the PDF and email's the PDF.


Now this works beautifully, I have send around 100 emails in the last few weeks and from that 100 I have 2 records that return with an error 2 (Get(last error message)) and save to a field.


So error 2 according to Filemaker is a memory issue but what memory is it referring to? and why would it only happen with these 2 records?


I have reduced the found set, meaning just included those 2 records to be found and then ran the script again but with the same result.


Extra info that may help.


FMP Server 16

Using Base plugins for the email.

As mentioned only 2 out of a hundred is giving this issue.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.