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Is it possible to run a script as an admin?

Question asked by 5eppa on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by techt

We are trying to create a portal customers can access to view various requests that they have. We figured it would be easier to let them log in as a guest and create their own accounts and even add their company information of course without seeing any real information though. For that reason we are keeping things pretty limited. They will be able to log in as a guest account, enter their company information, and create a username and password that they can use to access the database. Then it will log them out and they log back in with their new information and can make requests for services or products and so forth. The issue we are having is that of course the Guest account cannot create an account to access the database and from what I understand only a Full Access account has that ability (maybe I am wrong and I can assign that privilege?) Is it possible to have a certain script run with the privileges of the admin account. All the Guest account would need to do is run that script and then all is well. Is there a better way in your mind to do this?