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Disabling Script Steps - New Keyboard Shortcut in FM17?

Question asked by smchampagne on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

Working on a script utilizing FM17 on a mac.


I want to disable a line in the script so I instinctively select the line to disable and hit command-/ on the keyboard.  Instead of disabling the script step, it opens the "Creating and editing scripts" page on the FM17 knowledgebase.


While there, I navigated to the "Disabling Script steps" page which advises:

To disable script steps:

1. Choose Scripts menu > Script Workspace.

2. Double-click the script that contains the script steps to disable.

3. In the script, select the script steps, then choose Edit menu > Disable


However, there is no such menu step.  There is also no such step in the Edit menu within FM16, but command-/ works properly there.


What am I missing?  Is there a new keyboard shortcut?