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FM17 and CWP ( PHP ) connections

Question asked by mtolman on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by lanclos

        We upgraded to FMS17 last weekend, and have a small PHP website using CWP that we upgraded as part of the process.   After upgrading we are noticing that the pages are running noticibly slower than what we experienced with FMS16.   Our current working theory (guess) is that it may have something to do with persistent connections.   In the FM16 setup we had a persistent connection between our PHP session and FileMaker, and with FileMaker 17 it looks like it creates a new session for each request.   I am thinking their may be some overhead with establishing that session with each request that may be the cause of the latency that we are seeing (seeing this on a LAN network where the server is local on the LAN, and the clients have a fast direct connection to the server).


         On the database side things are running fast, and the server has ample resources (sitting around 5-10% CPU), so this issue is isolated just to the PHP web pages hosted from FileMaker.


         Would be interested to hear others experiences, and whether anyone has suggestions of things we could try to modify to improve performance.   We have already tried adjusting the cache memory, and (as we expected), that has not had any impact.


         Thanks in advance for any insights or suggestions.