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What are the design choices you would make to move to multi tenancy?

Question asked by coherentkris on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by MarcDolley

I have a customer that will be turning their home grown solution into a multi tenant vertical market solution that they will market and sell.

They currently have several (5) customers of the solution and give them access to copies of the solution on the server.

Each customer has a silo.

They figured out that this aproach is working but is getting, and will continue to get, harder to maintain as they onboard more customers.

When they make a change to one file they have to replicate it for each customer silo.

It's not very extensible and expandable.


I am recommending that they move to a data separation model AND implement multi tenancy in the two file system going forward.

Any new customers will be the only tenants in the new system... no old data will be migrated.


Would selector-connector help or hinder the multi tenancy situation?


Same question about introducing the modular account management system from modular filemaker?


What else would you do if you were doing this project?