Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on May 31, 2018
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I am just wanting to confirm something I am doing, with this script step.  We scan our invoices to PDFs in a folder on a network drive.  There is a folder for each user.  Each user can determine when and how often they do the Import Step.  There is a script/button for each folder.  We import all of the PDFs.  Then move the PDFs from the folder to a sub-folder marked SCANNED.


Once imported, a record is created for each PDF (a step I really like).  The file names are meaningless timestamps.  We page through each record making sure each invoice is viewable (most of the screen is the container field).  There is one field for data, reading from the image a number was written; this is keyed into the data field. 


I was thinking the step we do to move the PDFs to a SCANNED folder could be eliminated.  But there is not option for the container to be unique.  So if we do not move, we get dupes.  Am I missing something?