Possible intermittent FMP 17 bug on Filtered Portal

Discussion created by ThierryGuemboura on May 31, 2018

Yesterday, I had a strange occurrence. On my Dashboard layout (Utility table, layout untouched for at least 3 months), I have a portal displaying data via relationship with 3 Global fields on Utility side. The portal is also setup with 3 dynamic filters (3 other global fields) located just above the portal. The portal suddenly would not display the related records but the mini portal just above the large one, with identical dynamic filtering, would keep displaying the correct FoundCount. If I would open the shared database (FMS 17) with FMPA 16 everything was fine but when opened with FMPA 17 the portal would stay blank, with record count on mini portal ok, indicating the dynamic filtering was working fine therefore eliminating the dynamic filtering equation as the culprit. I looked everything, tried to adjust by one pixel the fields to no avail. And then, out of the blue, related record finally reappeared, with no explanation or adjustment made on my part.

Problem has not occurred again for a little more than 24 hours now. Will keep you posted.