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FM Server 17: Which directory for .cgi files?

Question asked by dhafitch on Jun 1, 2018
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Where should I put .cgi files?


Specifically, I updated from Server 12 to Server 17, which now takes over the web serving functions as well as the database serving functions.  I am serving my FM Pro database using WebDirect.  There is one instance where I need to use a FM script (button) to Open a URL of a .cgi script.  This .cgi script does a bunch of searches and calculations and constructs html results that the FM user can then select a poriton to paste back into the FM database.  (I know that sounds a little klunky, but it actually gives the easiest-to-use results.)


This used to work in FM12 with IWP when the Mac's Web Server (OS Mountain Lion?) was being used to serve the HTML. In that older version, the CGI files were located in /Library/Server/Web/Data/CGI-Executables/ .


Where are CGI files supposed to be now?  I tried putting it into the httpsRoot directory, the HTTPServer directory, and the HTTPServer/bin folder, but none of these work.  The file IS accessible when I put it into the httpsRoot directory, but the browser just displays it as a simple text file instead of performing the script to construct the HTML and then displaying the HTML. Via Terminal, I know that the .cgi file is accessible (read, write, execute) by fmserver.


It seems that problem could be that the Web Server controlled by FM Server does not recognize the directory locations I'm putting my .cgi file as places from which CGI files should be run. So I'm assuming there is some default location (that is not very obvious?) into which I should be putting the file. Where is that?


Your help is appreciated.