The Data API is Transactional - This is a really Big Deal!

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Jun 1, 2018
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Leading up to the release of FileMaker 17 Darren Burgess was prepared an example file and blog post when he stumbled upon something really interesting. Updating related data he noted that the Data API was behaving in a transactional manner. Here is that blog post if you want to dig into the details of the data API now that it is officially released with 17.


Using REST and cURL with FileMaker 17’s Data API – beezwax > blog


We just published another blog post to showcase the transactional behavior of the Data API and it includes an example file.


So how is that any different than FileMaker - because FileMaker is also transactional. Yes, you are correct.

We have had this capability as far back as I can remember. Edit any parent with related records in a portal and you'll experience the native transactional capabilities, hit the enter key and all those edits are committed at once.


The main different is that FileMake has a pessimistic record locking approach… but the data API instead uses an optimistic record locking approach.


This has huge implications on the way we design and build solutions especially in terms of paying attention to performance.


We are really excited about what this offers the community and will continue to explore it further.


So stay tuned for more information on this topic.