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File opened by iCal alert does not print PDFs when computer is idle.

Question asked by shawnmberkeley on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2018 by user19752

I am trying to automate a process to run FileMaker reports, print them to PDF, then attach them to an SMTP email.  After searching this forum, I learned that the PDFs cannot be printed through a FileMaker Server schedule, and found the workarounds that people came up with. 


So here is what I did.


I set up an iCal alert on the server to run an Automator file that opens a FileMaker file.  This file creates a PDF report which would then be sent using a FileMaker Server schedule.  The process worked perfectly when I tested it, even running concurrently with Time Machine.  But once I reset it to run at the scheduled time after hours, when the server is idle, it would run the alert, as evidenced by the notification waiting for me in the morning, but not the complete script – no PDF was created – so the email went out without an attachment.


I went through all of the power settings, making sure the the computer was not going to sleep, and disabled appnap, to no avail.  I turned off Spotlight indexing, which made no difference.


I tried bypassing Automator and FileMaker Server, tasking the alert to open, instead, the FileMaker file that creates the PDF report, and adding the email task to the script.  This did not change anything.


Any ideas why everything works when I test it, but the PDFs will not print when the server is idle?  I realize this may be more of an OS X question than a FileMaker question, but I have not received any responses to a similar post I put on the Apple Discussions board.  I am hoping that someone here has experienced and solved this issue.