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Find using a value list without needing user to hit enter key

Question asked by paulatkins on Jun 2, 2018
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I am using a script to enter find mode where the user then selects from a drop down value list which populates the find field but doesn't continue the script, it is waiting for them to hit the enter key, which on iOS is not convenient.


This used to work with a simple find where I used a second "execute find" button, but I am needing to run a more complex find script to install an "==" in the steps, and this requires a "perform find [ ]" step which requires the enter key to finish the script.


Can I please have some guidance?


Here is the script:


Go to field [ShootTool::Class]

Enter Find Mode [Pause:ON]

Set Field [ShootTool::Class ;“==“ & ShootTool::Class]

Perform Find [ ]


Thank you,