FileMaker 16 crashing in Windows 10

Discussion created by paradisepartners on Jun 3, 2018
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We have several users connecting to a hosted server. They are mostly Windows users. They are crashing or freezing very frequently, seriously hampering business operations.


The only plugin we're using is MBS, with DynPDF library loaded. We are using a fairly current version (I think 8.2, but I'd have to confirm) . I can't see any pattern in when they're crashing or freezing. It may be at startup, it may be while navigating to a different layout, it may be while saving or updating  a record, sometimes while running a script that performs an MBS function, sometimes performing PSOS. It doesn't seem to crash in the same place twice.


Sometimes it may freeze for a minute, sometimes several (with "Application not responding" message), or it might outright crash without any message.


I've tried upgrading FileMaker from 15 to 16, and from 64 bit to 32 bit (based on this forum discussion). But the crashing continues in different versions. I'm not seeing any significant change in memory usage, although I have seen FileMaker Pro disappear from task manager.


I've attached the Windows crash logs in case that helps.