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Unable to connect to server anymore? Please help!

Question asked by dmmarti2 on Jun 3, 2018
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I have a problem that just started now and I'm not sure what happened. Here is what leads up to not being able to access Filemaker Hosted files:


  • I was asked to create a new Base Directory for one file of many on our server. I added the Base Directory for a separate folder.
  • The only change that was made to this file was adding a Base Directory for a Container field to access.
  • Now all of my FM16 clients cannot access the Host from any machine. It says "Waiting for response..." until it informs us that no hosts can be found or "connection failed".
  • Filemaker Admin Console is telling me that the files are up and running as normal.
  • My internet connection is fine and we use a VPN to access the "Remote Hosts" in FM16. Everything was fine up until this, and has been working fine for weeks without issue!


In order to fix this screw up, I replaced the file I had edited with a backup from yesterday that wasn't touched, but that has not solved anything. I reset not only FM Server but the entire Windows Server as well.


All I'm seeing is that the host isn't available for no particular reason. I didn't touch anything at all other than adding a Base Directory for a Containter to access!


Any and all help is appreciated.