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cURL Script to Call Crypto Exchange Transactions

Question asked by chuckburr on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by chuckburr

Can anyone help me figure how to structure the cURL script to call to any one of these exchanges. Just getting my API skills going here. 


I need to write an cURL script to download a JSON array $Response of the closed (not open, pending or cancelled) transactions (trades deposits or withdraws) for a user within a start and end timestamp given their public and private key. If we have not done and API called for a user before it would start from time 0 to the present.


Here is a good FileMaker cURL script tutorial I have used as a template.

filemaker curl tutorial - Bing video


Choose any one of these exchanges API documentation.


GDAX | API Reference

Cryptopia - Forum

Cryptopia - Forum

Gemini REST API Reference