How to install FM Server 16 for 6 users?

Discussion created by abermann on Jun 4, 2018
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Dear Filemaker community,

I have FM 16 and made a FM database some years ago for me and my 4 colleagues - each of us has his database, we are working with ONE secretary for all of us that opens remote all of the 5 databases. That works fine as long as we are not on holiday, when the one going on holiday puts the database in a dropbox folder and opens it when he needs it. That´s when conflicted copies often come and that´s why I think about installing FM Server; I bought a NAS and FM Server 16 some months ago. And now my question is: Is it best to install FM Server on the NAS which is online all the time? how to install FM Server 16 on the NAS? Do we need anything else software wise (everybody has FM 15 or 16 installed on his client PC or Mac: 2 of my colleagues have a MacBook, 2 have a PC; the secretary has an iMac with FM 15+16 installed)?


Thanks for your help!