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Scroll bar jumping back to the top

Question asked by brianpvbub on Jun 4, 2018
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Filemaker Pro 16


Can anyone advise how to stop a text field with a vertical scroll bar jumping back up to the top as soon as you click outside it please?


I have a database of a private library with 3 fields in a layout:

- a text field with the page number and transcription of all the traces of reading intervention for a particular book (some of the passages transcribed are quite long, so the field needs a vertical scroll bar)

- a portal containing all the separate bits of text; reduced in size to give essentially the page number

- a  container field which brings up the images of each of the pages.


The link between the portal and the images works well. But every time the text field goes back to the beginning, so you have to go back into it, and scroll down, in order to be able to read the transcription and see the image at the same time.


I've tried doing without the text field and just using the portal with the separate bits of text, but that's not satisfactory because some pieces are just one line, others run over a couple of paragraphs.


I'd appreciate any guidante. Thanks