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Filemaker Server 17 - Domain Name

Question asked by mbenseman on Jun 4, 2018
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I was wondering if some could help me.  Pleas note that i not very experienced with SSL and Domains etc, so please respond in detail for a poor newbiw like me!


I have a Filemaker Serve 17 installed.  Hosting 5 databases.  I can access the databases using the IP address fine.  The IP address is static.  Using the IP address however will not allow me to use an SSL.


So I have a domain name.  So first question, does the Domain name, which will be used as the Server name,  have to be in some particular format....i.e. can I just use "", or does it have to be something like ""?


Secondly, I have the domain name registered with Go Daddy, but I can't seem to get the domain name to point to the filemaker server.  So currently I have "" pointing to the the IP address "", but I can't seen to connect t the host using the URL.  Which of the "A", or "CNAME" or such like do I need to use.


Apologies if this is little confused but it results from my in-experience in this area.  If anyone has a reference to a "Connecting to Filemaker 17 using Go Daddy Domain for Real Dummies" that would be great.


Thanks again for any help anyone can give me.