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Melissa Data:  Global Express Entry

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Jun 4, 2018
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Melissa Data is an address type database similar to Google's, but has a few added benefits.  They have a nice "Global Entry Express" HTML5/JS web page that works well on my web server, but I can't seem to get the Java Script / JQuery to fire when I put it in a FileMaker WebViewer.


Attached is the example HTML.  It won't work if you just copy it because the token is not included in it.  But I was wondering why this web page with JavaScript would work in my regular Safari Browser (11.1 on OS X 10.13.4) and it doesn't work in a FMPA 17 web viewer.


We are wanting to get away from Google Maps Address data which isn't as accurate on legal boundaries as Melissa Data (e.g., Google seems interested in putting the City name used for postal purposes, but might not be the legal city name with for example small cities completely surrounded by a large metropolitan city).


If you have suggestions on what to try, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.