Multiple Keys in a record

Discussion created by bablackburn on Jun 4, 2018
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So I believe this would be a many to one relationship. In my employee info database there are several different types of events and reports that can be made. The way I have it set right now there is a key in each records that leads back to an employee ID serial. This useful for when it is only a single employee that is primarily involved. But today we've had an incident where two employees were involved in the same incident and need to be equally represented in the record. However as I have it set up to lead to a single key if you were to search for incidents with both employees the search would only turn up with one. Is there anyway I can make it so multiple ID's are tagged in the same record?


Here's a scenario. Say two employees get in a fight and both share equal blame. Two years down the road one of the employees is up for review and we search their name. If they were not the one with a primary tag in the record a person might not know they were involved in any incident at all and that event might be totally missed in their review.