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HTTP Status 503 - Service Unavailable

Question asked by suesaunders on Jun 4, 2018
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I have recently installed FMS 17.  No problem with accessing files via FMP and GO.  However, cannot access files via Web Direct.

My clients can see their app.  See screen shot attachments but cannot login as we get the message

"HTTP Status 503 - Service unavailable: The worker machine is not running".  The worker machine IS running as I am using the server all the time for development work.


I have searched the community for similar problems and found one.  The suggestion was that we should make sure that we have the correct version of Java for FMS.  As you can see, my server has the correct version as specified for FMS 17.


I really do not know what to do next.  I have Googled the problem as well - no clues.  I am on OSX current version.


At the moment users are calling me to ask why they can't get on.  Oh dear!


Best regards from Sue who is stuck at the moment!!