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Hide / Show Portal Objects

Question asked by denisa on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by ThierryGuemboura

Hello Everyone


I have started using filemaker 17 and am trying to adapt my solution with filemaker 16 to 17. So i am using portals in 16 with X relationship to show all the records.


In each row i have an arrow button that if clicked it sends you to the full view of the record.

And the hide is pretty simple in 16 ( recordID [diff] record_portal_id )


but with filemaker 17 am trying to get rid of this relationship and i want the hide and show of the objects inside portal rows act the same, but till now every calculation am using will either show them in each row or not at all. :/


Has anyone worked around this and found a way how to do it?



So in photo 1 with filemaker 16 portal is from a table occurrence of the layout table with relationship X, table1 X table1p


in 17, photo2,  since we can create portals from the same table without the need of a relationship i want to get rid of them.

But i can not perform hide objects in portal rows (this case the arrow button)


Thanks a lot