Email via SMTP with PDF attachement

Discussion created by ajayz on Jun 4, 2018
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I have build a quick travel booking system for our company to fill in their travel requirements online.   Not everyone has apple devices and therefore,  I've crated an option via WebDirect.  This uses  SMTP to send out the Email from a Gmail account with the travel heading information and a pdf attachment of  the actual detail of the travel flights booked.


The layout has to email buttons which are hidden depending on the device type - if using FileMaker Go -  then the email is sent via the default mail client. - all works fine.


If the user is using WebDirect - I have the following script:



The email is being generated and sent (i'm getting the email), but no pdf attachment of the booking lines.


I have added a pause to make sure there is time to generate the PDF - (tried 2 seconds and 30 seconds)


Any ideas?