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can't open databases

Question asked by mrc2013 on Jun 5, 2018
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I am using FMP15 on Windows 7 Enterprise. I have been using ver 15 for 7 months.with no problem. My Artifacts db (historical objects with cataloging details) suddenly started crashing whenever I was on the Main layout in Edit layout mode. Didn't crash on other layouts. Then it wouldn't open at all. Then my other databases would not open. Now all I get is that the icon in the taskbar "lights up" as if Filemaker is open but i don't see anything. I tried reinstalling Filemaker--didn't help. I tried creating a new db in FMP15 database on a newer computer under Windows 10in ver 15 but it would not open that database.  I can open the Artifacts db in ver 12 which is still on my computer. I did a recover while in ver 12 but it still would not open in 15. The IT guys here have no idea what is wrong. Don't know what to do. .