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Some of my Container Field records not accepting drag-n-drop

Question asked by cgib100 on Jun 5, 2018

I'm relatively new to FileMaker and have been learning the ropes through the FileMaker 16 training videos and trial-n-error.  I have rudimentary understanding so far of the program and scripting so please understand if I don't describe my problem/s accurately.  And sorry for long post, but wanted to explain my situation--maybe more details than needed.


I'm building a curriculum library for our company's training courses, which may eventually get posted to a server for company access.  The topics within these courses, and supporting files, consist of MS PowerPoint, Word, Excel, videos, pictures, and PDFs.  I currently have over 8,000 topic records, which fall under 133 courses within 10 different programs.  So, I basically have three tables:  Programs, Courses, Topics -- relationships set in that order. I started with all three tables listed in a Excel spreadsheet as a name library, which was before our company purchased FileMaker (ver. 16.0.5).  I'm able to slowly import field names from the spreadsheet into related FileMaker text fields, which saved a lot of time considering one course alone could contain up to 200 topic presentations and supporting documents, pictures, and videos.  However, one of my tedious processes for the Container field that has the actual files (e.g., Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) is dragging the various files into the Topics Table container fields.  I'm reviewing the various posts on a script that can use to import all related files into the container of the corresponding records (possibly using something like "Get  DocumentsPathListing").  So for now I'm dragging and dropping files into the container--until I can figure out a import script that will work for my situation.


One issue that I noticed while doing that tedious process is that some of my records will accept a file into the container and some will not.  For example, I had one course that has 76 course topics, and only 19 records accepted dragging a file (Word, pdf, excel, video, etc.) into the Container field of a particular record.  Now, I have other courses that I've been able to drag-n-drop all files into the Container for those records -- but also other courses that I might only be able to drag-n-drop 80% of the files.  I can still go into the Container and right click to "import file," which does work - but becomes even more tedious.  So, bottom line is that there doesn't seem like a consistent pattern for why some records will receive a file dragged into the Container field, but others do not.  Once I eventually get this library set up I will probably provide instructors the ability to add additional courses as they are developed.  If they are able to drag-n-drop files into various records I won't want them to have the issue that I'm currently having.  Is there a reason why this would be happening...or something I'm doing wrong?  I'm currently using a Mac OS with High Sierra (10.13.4), but will later also set up for Windows.  So much more to learn first.  I appreciate any feedback.