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HTML Emails from FileMaker with multiple attachments

Discussion created by Siroos Jafary on Jun 5, 2018
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Hi folks,


I had a few clients in the past that asked me to develop a solution for their CRM solutions that makes them able to send HTML emails directly from Filemaker. After doing this task a few times, I just decided toy put together a file that can be used separately as a module in your FileMaker solutions to send multiple HTML formatted emails with multiple attachments to recipients.


The file uses Baseelements free plugin and a couple of custom functions to translate FileMaker text CSS styles into HTML inline CSS. It is both Windows and Mac compatible and can run on client or server side.


It is a completely open file and available for free to you to experiment with it. You may also add more options such as “CC” or “BCC”, etc emails as you wish.


You may find the file in this blog post.




Please feel free to play around it and give me feedback or advise to improve it.


Hope that you will enjoy the file.


Warm regards,


Siroos Jafary.