Apple's New ShortCut app

Discussion created by moderndesigns9 on Jun 4, 2018
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Hey Filemaker Community! Did everyone see the WWDC 2018 by apple? I am super excited to see the possibilities coming to Filemaker with the new Siri & shortcuts features... I know that Apple purchased the app  "Workflow" and now already adding it nicely for everyone to use! I am already trying to think of new features that will expand FileMaker possibilities in the years to come! I loved when the URL Scheme Feature was added so that FileMaker could open another app on the iPhone and pull information... WorkFlow has expanded the capabilities for my applications for years now! My least project with Workflow and Filemaker included a company that takes pictures of jobs sites daily and they would travel to areas without the greatest cell service ... we communicated about the quality of the pictures needed .. and they said they only needed it be able to tell if the job was completed or not! The orginal problem was that in the areas of bad cell service that user would experience a delay when trying to upload the newly taken photo into the container... because of the great camera on the iphones today they would experience photos being as large as 23 mb and the upload speed would be so slow... the fact that filemaker doesnt offer a resize image feature apon upload i have uses the container field as a scrip trigger to trigger opeing workflow, taking a picture, resizing that picture, coying that picture to the clipboard, opening filemaker back up, and paste that newly resized picture into the orgianl container field! The fact that Siri is coming with this new shortcut feature is really going to be game changing! Please start talking about new ideas everyone has that they think will benefit FileMaker and IOS