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Use a URL in eMail to Update a Specific Record

Question asked by dchretien on Jun 5, 2018
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I know that I must be missing something, and I can't find anything directly related to what I'm trying to do...


I have a client with a system in which they pre-register people for certain events.  It will send each person a personalized email with the details of the date, time, and location of the event for which that person is registered.  They would like to include two links in that email:  one that allows to person to confirm that they will be attending the event (1) and one that allows the person to say that they will not be attending (0).


I can provide the Record ID for each user's pre-registration record, and all that has to happen is to modify one numeric field in that record, with either a one or a zero.  I can provide a username and password for each user, but that's probably not the safest option.  Alternatively, I can provide a unique identifier that, using a generic log-in can find the correct record, but that would require a script.


I cannot find any way to do this with just one call.


My intent was to use the Data API, but from what I understand, I would need a log-in call that returns a token that would then be needed for a subsequent call to modify the record.  Since there's no way to trigger a script using the Data API, I would have to send the login information as part of that URL, but in any case it cannot be a "one-step" process.


Is this better handled through XML or PHP, and if so, can it be reduced to a "one-step, click one link, and that result is entered" process?


Thanks for any suggestions.