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Base64Decode Key Text Result ?

Question asked by chuckburr on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by bigtom

I need the base64-decoded key on the prehash string for an API JWT signing.


The calculation I used is: HexDecode ( API_Key_Private )      


The API_Key_Private field is a text field containing a crypto keys that for example begin with: bb92eca45ba7d3511...


The result a Text field: ?


Four questions:

1) Has the calculation simply succeeded and I should proceed? My next step would be to sign using CryptDecryptBase64


2) Should I be using a Text result calculation?


3) Judging the the key is it data that has be Base64 encoded, that can be decoded?


4) Can I used Base64Decode on a $variable?




5) Given the type of keys I am using, do I need to use HexDecoded or Base64Decoded or use them as is, keys in CryptAuthCode for the key value?


6) Why does the HexDecode $Key have fileNameWithExtension of "" in the Example below? Why not just HexDecode ( $Key )


FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced Help

Example 2

Returns an HMAC of the contents of the $JSON variable using the SHA512 algorithm and a hex-encoded key $Key. The container data returned by CryptAuthCode is returned as Base64-encoded text.

Base64EncodeRFC ( 4648; CryptAuthCode ( $JSON ; "SHA512" ; HexDecode ( $Key ; "" ) ) )