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Pass NULL as parameter to ODBC target

Question asked by ngramstad on Jun 6, 2018
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I am working on my first FileMaker solution (using FM 16 Pro Advanced) using an ODBC integration with MySQL.


I have a process that accepts a CSV upload into a FileMaker table. I have a script that sets a series of variables, looping through the records in the FileMaker table before firing a stored procedure on the database to INSERT into an ODBC table. So far so good! I've walked the script through with DIALOG ON and everything is working as expected,


However, I've run into a minor issue. I have a DATE field in the target ODBC table. The field is set to default to NULL. However, if my FileMaker table contains a NULL value it is being passed as a "" value to the parameter. This isn't recognized as NULL by MySQL and so insertion for that record fails.


I understand that I could pass a placeholder value as a workaround to the problem but I'd like to be able to pass the true NULL value as the parameter as possible. I'm not sure how to do this at this point. Any ideas?