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Export to Excel + send email

Question asked by JodieWeston on Jun 5, 2018
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Help, please!!!


I'm wanting to export data from the current find, to an Excel document. The export would be based on the data contained with the 'Company' field. The export would be attached to a new email with a standard body of text ("Please find attached, a ....."), and sent to the appropriate recipient.


I have a related table that contains the company name, and the relevant email recipient.


For example:


The current find contains 15 records, belonging to 3 recipients:


Company field:  C1

Number of records: 7


Company field:  C1

Number of records: 3


Company field:  C3

Number of records:  5


Based on the above, there would be 3 emails sent with an attachment to each email that contains the 'company' specific data.


Any assistance would be very much appreciated!!!