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FM17 more frequent Beach-balling ?

Question asked by Vincent_L on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by TSGal


I'm using FMPA17 with FMS 16.03

I noticed that I get much more unexplained beach-balling than before with 16.

Yes, I've server side script running, and this occurs when they run. But before, with 16 I never noticed this.

I'm in list view with 50 records showing. No portals involved

Top calls stats don't report anything on my user


Here's a 60 seconds sampling of the FMPA17 process. I'd like to know what's going on, what FMPA147 is doing


My feeling is that FMPA17 is much more sensitive to record locking than FM16 : one encountering a lock, it may take a much more long time to recover than FM16 (perhaps waiting the whole table is unlocked, rather than just the foundset's records)




it happened a second time : indeed there was a server side script pegging the server intensely, but after that server slide script ended, still beach-balling on client, so I decided to wait stop FMSE on the server, but FMPA17 client still didn't resume, then I disconnected that client via server's admin  : FMPA17 client still beach-balling unaware of its disconnection. Finally I force quitted the client.

I sampled each steps in the second attachment.